The Vault of the Heavens.**

It is a Billion years or so from now. The world as we know it has long since vanished. There have been eight prior worlds that came after it. The Ninth World is the current incarnation. It is built on the ruins of the previous eight. The world has changed greatly during all those Aeons but one thing has seemingly remained constant…the night sky…the Vault of the Heavens.

Like many vaults, the Vault of the Heavens contains treasures…artifacts of great power, oddities both strange and beautiful and cyphers that can work what seem to be miracles. There are other things out there as well. Shadows that move across the void with cold and alien intent. Biomechanical predators hunting their prey with super hot plasma bolts and adamantium claws.

Remember,wayfarer that sometimes the only difference between a vault and a tomb is what’s inside.

Numenera: In the Vault of the Heavens

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